Saturday, November 7, 2009


Here are some photos of the rig i built for the boat to try and answer some of the questions people have been asking on the forum.

Top of the mast where the masthead goes. (i forgot to take a photo of the masthead!)
Spreader clamp tip. the wire goes up the middle between the two cap screws and is tightened up to stop the wire running up and down in the tip and stops the rig movement more.
how the spreaders attach and the track.
Gooseneck and the gooseneck stays with their attachment point. simple and easy.
Main spreaders. you can see the t-ball backer for the lowers just below the spreader.
Mast join. sleeved up the inside and riveted together.
top of mast again. the tball backer seen here is the termination point for the backstays.
Rig, looking from the masthead down.
Top spreaders with forestay and cap shroud attachment points.
Top slot is the forestay attachment, bottom slot is the slot for the jib halyard sheave box.

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